Yours was one of only two shops that I have visited in the last eighteen months which let me go through my own process and didn’t try to influence me in any way. I definitely felt I could trust your knowledge and viewpoint on the instruments I tried and I know I came to the right decision for me. 
Today I have discovered lots of sheet music in the cupboard that I never knew I had, let alone music I thought I would be able to play, and I look forward to stunning my husband this evening with a (still slightly dodgy) rendition of Mendelssohn’s Song Without Words which will really show off the piano’s delicate and more striding abilities – the lower registers are sounding great. I wanted to be inspired with my first ever piano and I certainly feel that, albeit it’s only been a few hours….! I hope my children enjoy it too and thanks again.
Here’s hoping this home continues to be filled with music of all varieties, I am sure my oboe and guitar will come down to join the piano, pushing out the dining room table, and I hope that we can do justice to Bechstein’s legacy!
Thanks again to all involved in the journey this piano has had since it entered your team’s hands.
Kind regards
Lizzie Chilcott